"You will fight as you train. If you train lazy in the classroom, gym or range, you will be lazy when the fecal matter hits the rotating oscillation device."

Consulting and Training

These courses listed below are designed for Corporate and Security Companies looking for specific training in house. To find out more about these please contact David Salthouse.

State of CT Security Officer Certification P.A. 08-73
State of CT Pistol Permit Certification
Armed Security Officer Certification (Blue Card)
Tactical Handgun & Tactical Shotgun
Defensive Aerosol Sprays
Weapon Retention & Disarming
Ground Fighting - Basics
Executive Protection
Workplace Violence Awareness
Crisis Management
Aggressive Behavior Management Strategies
Advanced Security Officer Training
Control & Restraint Techniques
Report Writing
Harassment & Diversity Awareness (Title7)
Laws and Mechanics of Arrest
Use of Force/Force Continuum
First Aid Basics, Community CPR, Adult CPR with AED, Professional CPR
Bloodborne & Airborne Pathogens
Defensive Driving
Empty Hand Defensive Tactics
Baton Certification
Metal Detectors - Fixed: Portable; Wands
Backscatter X-Ray Detectors
Tactical Handcuffing & Supplemental Restraints
Maritime Security (USCG) Compliance Training