"All the firearms training in the world will not help you win a gunfight without a gun. If you are legally allowed to carry your firearm and well trained in the operation of it, do it. It is not always comfortable, but it is always comforting."


These courses are for the general public as well as for the Corporate and Security Companies. For more information and to register online for class, please click on the link of the class your are interested in. If you need more information please contact us.

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CT Security Officer Certification P.A. 08-73

Pistol Permit/NRA Basic Pistol Safety Certification

Utah Pistol Permit Certification

Armed Security Officer Certification (Blue Card)

Armed Security Officer Re-Certification (Blue Card)

Bail Enforcement Agent Certification

Baton Certification

CPR/First Aid/AED Certification

Defensive Aerosol Sprays/OC Spray Certification

NRA Pistol Instructor Certification

Tactical Handcuffing and Supplemental Restraints Certification

AR Type Basic Rifle

Basic Shotgun

Mastering the Fundamentals of Shooting

Defensive Pistol I

Defensive Pistol II

Defensive Pistol III

Firearm Retention and Disarming

Low Light Shooting Techniques

Self Defense and Firearms Laws

IPD System with Master Instructor Gary Belanger