"You don’t NEED an extra ammo source, until your weapon runs out. Then what?"


Hey Jamie

Thank you again for a wonderful class last Saturday. I was so happy to be in a friendly environment where I was not intimidated. So often I find people putting up barriers in front of things I want to do. I am uncertain as to the reason whether it be my age or that I am female, but treated everyone equally. And you made it fun and easily understood. Great job!

Look forward to seeing you at the range,

Hi Jamie

I just wanted to let you know how much the guys from the Emergency Response Teams enjoyed the BEAMHIT training that they did on the 13th. There wasn't one bad thing said or criticism. If anything, it was a real eye-opener for most of them in the realities involved in shoot/no-shoot scenario. Many, many thanks to Jen also for her patience and expertise. I am definitely looking forward to doing more training with this system in the future.

Sgt. Milton Harrigan, Head of Training and Security - Sikorsky Aircraft

Dear Paul

I would like to advise you that I found David Salthouse to be an excellent instructor with a great deal of knowledge and very professional. It was a pleasure for my employees and me to be in his class. As a result I have decided to use your company for our future training and development needs.

Sincerely, Mark Costello - Mark A. Costello Security Services, LLC

Hi Paul

Thank you so much for a terrific class the other night at the range.  You did an excellent job, kept it informative with a great humorous style! I will follow up with you soon on some other possible opportunities.

Take care and thanks again, - Gregg B. Communico Ltd

Hi Paul

I have gone to a bunch of handgun safety courses and occupational classes and your approach to teaching is A+. You hold interest and all the extra's you gave us today was fantastic.

Phil and myself are going to attend a few more of your classes. You have a great approach of getting the point across.

Sincerely, Lou Q. - Cos Cob Archers

Hi Paul

I just completed the second day training for the Bail Enforcement Agent Certification and I am enjoying it immensely!

Shane G.

Hi Paul

I am one of the Security Officers at Sikorsky that took your Security Officers Training class. I found the class very informative and a very interesting class. I learned a lot about being a security officer. I am very interested in taking more of your security/ firearm related classes on my own time.

J Gregory S. - Sikorsky

Hi Paul

Excellent course Saturday. A lot of food for thought!! Thanks again and I will highly recommend you to anyone requiring what you have to offer.

Regards - Fred


Thanks again for the great course today.


Hi Paul

I understand from Rich in our CT office the training was great and informative. We appreciated the time effort you provided to us. We will be calling you for your services again.

Mark A. - Spartan Security Service